America tcha cam

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America tcha cam

She works harder than the Middleton sisters ever have, and like Anna Wintour, British-born editor of US Vogue, Sam’s got an eye for style and a head for figures – except you won’t risk frostbite if you get close.

Expect an American love-in, and healthy returns for UK plc.

The thrill of it: photo-ops with Carla Bruni, who’d pout annoyingly for the camera and quiz everyone about French films; tea parties where Mrs Putin boasts that hubby was wrestling with a polar bear before breakfast; and “wine and cheese” with Mr Merkel, a quantum chemist whose idea of small talk consists of explaining how molecular modelling could save the world.

A few hours of this, and Sam Cam would be muttering between gritted teeth: “Thanks, babe, but no thanks.” So she didn’t budge.

Sam Cam is the first prime minister’s wife to embody everything Americans love about this country.

Sarah Brown was too middle-class, Cherie Blair too pushy, and Norma Major too obviously ill-at-ease to wow our cousins across the pond. ” they’ll enthuse in Tennessee) is as posh as Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, slimmer than Adele, and brainier than Cheryl Cole.

If she plays the role of doting wife, it is not to appeal to the electorate or to detoxify the Conservative Party.

And it’s not as if North Dakota State has simply gorged on prairie-land cupcakes.The British public has grown to like this laid-back executive – and admire the political spouse who supports her husband’s work without intruding in his world.She would never hold a weepy press conference to claim she’d been hard done-by.Clever Samantha Cameron – she knows how to bide her time.The Prime Minister’s wife is accompanying the man she calls “Babe” on his official visit to Washington.

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The daughter of a baronet with a family lineage that can be traced back to the Crusades, she has inherited her illustrious ancestors’ sense of occasion: the first official outing could only be to the United States, superpower and “special” ally.

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