Civil war reenactor dating who is matt drudge dating

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Civil war reenactor dating

Tony Hale: So, this took a lot of work, and I can only afford one arm right now, Tony Hale: because my daughter needs school supplies, but the goal Tony Hale: is to have a whole suit of this, and-- [parts clang against the floor] Angus Gentry: Angus: Oh, what are these doing over here. Tony Hale: Chad: Well, that's what I've been-- Stop dude! Jennie Pierson: I think they're taking it a little to seriously. Jennie Pierson: Jenni: Yeah, there's been some tension out on the battlefield lately. ♪ [music] ♪ ♪ [music continues] ♪ ♪ [music fades out] ♪ [light applause heard] Angus Gentry: Angus: I guess the beef between Chad and I really came about, because Angus Gentry: we both have very firm beliefs-- Tony Hale: That's true.

[she giggles] Tony Hale: I actually started when the original comic book saga came out, Tony Hale: let me just stick that down here, Tony Hale: and back then no one had really seen like a living depiction of the battle. Angus Gentry: A lot of people don't know it, but if you buy two, you don't Angus Gentry: have to get any life vests for your pool. Tony Hale: You know, if I didn't have to buy all the drinks in the Shawarma today, Tony Hale: on top of my daughter's bracelets, maybe I could afford an upgrade. Tony Hale: You're going to try to make that Ant Man? Anything that's bigger Jefferson Dutton: than what it would normally be, makes me look good. Ronnie Adrian: Ronnie: I'm almost at a 100% for my Falcon costume. Ronnie Adrian: Some people say that's the most important part of the costume. [electrical charging sound] Tony Hale: To call us fans, that's kind of insulting you know. Angus Gentry: Then I realized, Angus Gentry: I can be Captain America, Angus Gentry: not just Captain North or Captain South. Tony Hale: And that's a real fucking team my friend. ♪ [music] ♪ Tony Hale: Chad: My name is Chad Winters, and I've been doing this for years. Tony Hale: Why don't we just sit down and face the camera. [crashing sound] Angus Gentry: Angus: When I first started, I was doing Civil War reenactments, Angus Gentry: like North versus South Civil War. Peter Banifaz: Pete: If you look at it through forced perspective-- Peter Banifaz: Pete: See? Ronnie Adrian: So, I'm saving up for that, but you know, I get a couple of more battles Ronnie Adrian: under my belt, and a couple of more extra hours in, Ronnie Adrian: I'll have wings. Tony Hale: It's just this little, this little piece right here. Erin Whitehead: Laney: I support chad 100% with this Avengers thing. Erin Whitehead: I actually do these Nancy Meyers' movies reenactment.

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Tony Hale: This man doesn't need an introduction-- Tony Hale: Oh my God, I just fell asleep listening to all of that boring bullshit.