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It is located near where the Inca emperor is believed to have resided at Machu Picchu.A rock inside the temple could have served as an altar.

Although Machu Picchu has a wall, modest gateway and dry moat (likely used for collecting rainwater) it doesn’t appear to have been set up with military purposes in mind, and there is no evidence that a battle of any sort was fought there.An empire builder, Pachacuti initiated a series of conquests that would eventually see the Inca grow into a South American realm that stretched from Ecuador to Chile.Many archaeologists believe that Machu Picchu was constructed as a royal estate of sorts, the presence of elite residences in the northeast sector of the site backing that idea up.Machu Picchu has a number of structures that would have enhanced the spiritual significance of the site.One of them, the “Temple of the Sun,” or Torreón, has an elliptical design similar to a sun temple found at the Inca capital of Cuzco.

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The stone at Machu Picchu is situated on a raised platform that towers above the plaza.