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Ten months after the 2012 parliamentary coup that overthrew Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo, the South American nation has elected a new leader: Horacio Cartes of the Colorado Party.

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Several protesters, politicians and journalists, as well as police, were reported injured, including one lower-house deputy who had to undergo surgery after being injured by rubber bullets.

The desired pretext for a coup finally arrived on June 15, 2012, when a confrontation between Paraguayan police and landless from a sliver of territory in Curuguaty, where businessman and one-time Colorado Party politician Blas Riquelme deemed them to be in violation of his personal lebensraum.

On 26 April, the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay rejected the proposed constitutional amendment for presidential re-election.

The 1992 Constitution limits the President of Paraguay to a single five-year term in office.

Of course, given Bt cotton's track record and the fact that it has contributed to a situation in India in which nearly 300,000 farmers have committed suicide - many as a result of being driven into debt by the crop - it's not difficult to see that the corporate elite have superior chances of undergoing GMO-induced financial betterment.

Franco's neoliberal ecstasy turned to momentary ire when I asked if he detected any similarities between the 2009 coup d'état against Manuel Zelaya in Honduras and last year's events in Paraguay.

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