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An interesting trend of highly illustrated and out-of-the-ordinary narratives is continuing to emerge: –Simon Speir, high school junior, walks away from his computer at school for just a moment, and that is when his biggest secret is discovered.He has been emailing a boy in his grade anonymously ever since a poetic waxing on his high school’s gossip Tumblr caught his eye, and now Martin Addison has taken a screenshot and has a powerful way to blackmail Simon into getting his friend, Abby, to date him.

They have special talents and training that allows them to enter dreams to help stop nightmares, which if not checked, may have an emotional toll on the world.Rife with realistic, high school relationships and drama, with a laugh or two at every turn, this is a coming-of-age, coming-out, and defying-the-odds story with which many teens will identify.With a very tidy, feel-good ending, the book will appeal to readers who enjoyed Tim Federle’s [books] and will find a familiar, slightly more mature home with Simon.The reason she was proud was because many years ago my great great uncle William Melville had quite a job as head of Special Branch.“Melville of the Yard” as he was known was born in Ireland in 1850 and moved to England to join the Metropolitan Police in 1872.

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–Dominic Hall is the son of a shipbuilder, living in modest conditions in mid-20th century England.

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