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And now, Dave is engaged to actress Odette Yustman (starring in this Friday's theatrical release this season, so sadly, all is not well in the marriage of Rebecca and Justin.I'm told Odette has been cast as a nurse who starts to fall for Justin, as he's still mending his broken heart from his split with Rebecca. Spoiler alert: The storyline will jump ahead one year from the car crash in which we last saw all the Walkers, and you'll be surprised at how much some of them have changed..to mention who's in the picture and who is out.If true, this would be the second time Emily, who plays the not-so-innocent Rebecca on ABC's must-see drama, is dating her on-screen brother.Last year, the actress ended her long-term relationship with former "Everwood" co-star and "The O.

”We really didn’t know each other…,” interrupts Van Camp.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m sure it was all bad.”’ ”’Stay away from Dave,’ they say,” she recounts, laughing.Their compatibility has turned out to be an embarrassment of riches for , blessed with a cast rife with chemistry.C." cutie Chris Pratt, who played her brother on the WB show. First, back when Dave Annable (Justin) was dating Emily Van Camp, who played his onscreen sibling Rebecca, they made it so their characters were no longer related so they could hook them up on the show.

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They won’t deny, however, the immediate connection they felt when Van Camp joined the cast.