Getting into sex chatting conversations Sexy free chat with hot naked girls

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Well I got back to my senses and realized my mistake, and continued with the conversation.I dropped her back home, and she kissed me lightly on the cheeks once again, and said “Thanks for the great time” We bid our goodbyes.Our conversations used to be long, and gradually we shifted our conversation to sex.She mentioned that she was not a virgin, as her previous boyfriend had screwed and dumped her for good.Well there I was standing outside Mc’do, waiting with baited breath, butterflies in my stomach when I heard a voice behind me, “Ronit”!!!I looked around, and thanked lady luck for smiling on me finally. Height of 5’8, fair and real sweet face and a figure of 36DD 30 38 (She told me the exact details later on).We chatted a lot on different subjects and we exchanged phone numbers.She was doing English Hons from Delhi University and was staying in a rented place with her cousins in Mukherji nagar.

I had felt her tits over her top and just couldn’t wait to feel n suck them dry Completely. But my thoughts were stuck at her massive boobs that seem to be wanting to break free, and be ravaged.A little about myself, I’m 5′ 10, very fair, good looking with healthy fair skin.I used to chat a lot in different chat rooms on the internet and came across Archita (real name changed for privacy reasons).Well I was in seventh heaven already, and I knew I had to have her. One day, we were discussing about sex, when I mentioned in plain and simple words, “that I wanted to possibly make love to you and loose my virginity to you “.She was not at all surprised, and she didn’t say no. I was very well aware that she did not want to be in a steady relationship, and I did not want to deceive her either.

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All through the conversation I couldn’t help myself, staring at her boobs which seem to be wanting to burst out and set themselves free.

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