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disabling the chatroom component until more bandwith (digital phone lines) can be added to the system.One the other hand, If you intend to charge callers by the minute and your only concern is maintaining heavy call traffic around the clock, you can activate both components ("voice personal ads" and "live chatroom").A traditional TDM single line phone set is a basic phone, similar to telephones that most users might find in their own homes, made up of a handset and base with a keypad.Though the TDM basic single line phones are simple, they can allow for additional features as required to suit the user's needs.Face to face meetings may occasionally be awkward, whereas a telephone dateline system, in a relaxed (and private) fashion, encourages conversation between callers.The service allows callers to meet others in their local calling area (or coast-to-coast) and exchange voice messages...

Features, navigation and phone keypad (DTMF) assignments may vary slightly.

Professional telephone datelines normally consist of an "Ads" mailbox section (a.k.a.

the voice personals) and/or a live "Chat" section (a.k.a. The "Ads" section of the dateline allows callers to: - post personal voice ads (describing themselves and the kind of relationship they're seeking), - review the voice ads of other callers (in different age groups and categories), - exchange non-realtime voice messages, - block/unblock other callers from contacting them.

The "Chat" section of the dateline allows callers to: - exchange realtime voice messages with other callers, - engage in privately conferenced connections with other callers, - block/unblock other callers from contacting them.

Both the "Ads" & "Chat" sections are normally supplemented with additional options, as well.

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Features of single line phones are accessed through keypad commands beginning with either the star or pound keys.