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The worst cases are when the marriage has already taken place, and the client finds out that his bride is a fraud.

We have our own team of highly trained investigators in Kiev, Moscow and St. Nearly our entire team of field investigators are former law enforcement or military.

With limited economic opportunity and the hope for a better life, many honest women use these services; but there are also a growing number of internet criminals who hope to cash in on easy profits—and many of them do.

Scams can be very complex and aren’t always simple requests for money.

Searching public records is of limited value even in countries like the U. In Russia and the Ukraine (and nearly all developing countries), searching public records is typically of little value and in many cases must be done manually.“Does the firm have trained investigators on the ground?” This is THE most important question for clients seeking international investigation.Dating scams work because it is very difficult to verify who you are dealing with over the internet.People are lonely and want to believe in something. We’ve seen attorneys, doctors and yes, police officers fall victim to online dating scams.

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The FBI receives thousands of these complaints, and even if they wanted to help, they run into jurisdictional problems.

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