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Just a month earlier, they had launched Sputnik, the world’s first satellite. News media alternated between mockery and pity for the dog sent into space. Other headline-writers treated Laika with more compassion.When Laika’s vessel, Sputnik 2, shot into orbit, the U. According to a 1957 TIME report on how the press was covering the event, “headlines yelped such barbaric new words as pupnik and pooch-nik, sputpup and woofnik,” before ultimately settling on “Muttnik.” “The noted: ‘The Russian sputpup isn’t the first dog in the sky. According to another story in the same issue, the Brits were especially full of feeling for the dog — and outrage toward the Russians.As well as an epidemic of babies born with severe neurological and major bone deformations, some without limbs, there have also been many cases of leukaemia and other blood disorders, according to James Lerager’s 1992 article .Lerager goes on to say:”The director of the Oncology Hospital in Semipalatinsk estimates that at least 60,000 people in the region have died from radiation-induced cancers; ‘officially,’ the area has the lowest cancer rate in Kazakhstan.”.

The Soviet embassy in London was forced to switch from celebration mode to damage control.“The Russians love dogs,” a Soviet official protested, per TIME.“This has been done not for the sake of cruelty but for the benefit of humanity.” Nearly a half-century later, Russian officials found themselves handling PR fallout once again after it was revealed that reports of Laika’s humane death were greatly exaggerated.Historical accounts of residents who were schoolchildren before 1962 indicate that windows were blown out of their schools and that their bodies convulsed when testing occurred.Health impact on the local population A number of genetic defects and illnesses in the region, ranging from cancers to impotency to birth defects and other deformities, have been attributed to nuclear testing.

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One of Laika’s human counterparts in the Soviet space program recalled her as a good dog.

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  1. That the story is decent, has a lot of interesting threads woven into it, and is worth watching at least twice is just icing on the cake. It has some creepy elements and the creatures concepts are great, but I didn't find it scary.