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For being a lower budget horror movie in the quasi found footage variety, this has enough interesting ideas to make it worth watching, even if things are not satisfyingly wrapped up in the movie. This is one of the few "we're making documentary" movies to actually pull it off. I admire the concept of this movie, and it's got some really great characters along with Adam Green himself and other cast members as themselves questioning the obsession Adam has in believing/finding monsters, and there actually being this hidden underverse of monstrosities beneath our feet.People have complained there is too much plugging of the director's other work since he's playing himself, but it didn't come across as any more intrusive than any other fictional portrayal of a real person who is promoting their business in a film... It's a mockumentary, so it makes sense that he would be hinging on his role as an established horror director and use his real staff as well. The actors and characters themselves made this movie: great interactions and sharp balance between funny and freaky.It was very entertaining, but be warned that there is a lot of dialogue and suspense, but not a lot of monster showing.The monsters that were shown seem to be practical effects rather than CGI, which was nice.Found footage films are often overdone, shaky, and just not worth your time, but this one was a great surprise and totally worth a watch.If you are a horror fan, you will appreciate this movie for what it is!I saw the reviews for this movie and thought I'd just give it a try.The beginning started off a little slow and I thought I'd wasted my money.

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Great previews, ordered Wolfcop before the preview was over.

However, I was quickly drawn in and couldn't wait to see what was found in the woods.

As someone mentioned, yes, the monsters are cheesy and even cutesy. The movie definitely has a creep factor as you near the end and I didn't want to take my eyes off of the screen.

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